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Certification for nuclear power plants

Our company supplies imported metal products reassigned to the manufacture of equipment and pipelines of the NPP.

The delivery is carried out both for the manufacture of equipment of domestic NPPs, taking into account the requirements of NP-071-18, GOST 50.07.01-2017 with the execution of the Decision on use, and for the manufacture of equipment of foreign NPPs taking into account the requirements of quality management.

We have been successfully working for a long time in various industries that require system certification: the nuclear industry, military, aerospace, etc. The company's specialists will help and provide the necessary permits, certificates, approvals and approvals in accordance with the current regulations.

We cooperate with leading industry research institutes in the development of a new regulatory and technical base for semi-finished products and for obtaining an expert opinion.

Also, we are ready to offer our customers and partners various technical solutions that help save money and focus efforts on solving key issues.

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